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Caithness pictures

Camster Cairns burial mound
Photograph supplied with thanks by Doug Houghton

The Camster Cairns

Photograph supplied with thanks by Doug Houghton
Fishing used to be the main industry in Caithness. Back then Herring was abundant and Wick was the biggest Herring port in the UK, possibly Europe. It is said you could walk from one side of the harbour to the other across all the boats. Sadly fish stocks are not what they used to be and as has happened elsewhere the fishing industry here has almost vanished.

Photograph supplied with thanks by Doug Houghton



Caithness offers a huge variety of photographic opportunities for the visiting tourist, or professional photographer.

Into wildlife photography? Then you will enjoy the abundance of sea birds found nesting on the rocky parts of the coast.There are also many varieties of birds of prey.

If scenery is more your thing, then not only can you also enjoy the rugged coast, but also the many long quiet sandy beaches, the expansive flow country as well as the many lochs and rivers.

Like old buildings? You've come to the right place! From ancient crofts, through old mills, to full blown castles Caithness has it all. You really won't be disappointed.

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