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This page, like a lot of the site is just me thinking out loud, joting down thoughts and memories; as much for my sake as anything else. So don't be thinking "boy this guy thinks a lot of himself" because 1. that would be quite ironic really and 2. I don't expect anyone to read it anyway! I guess it's like a diary that only gets filled in every once and a while.

Have you ever just sat down and thought to yourself, "I'm alive?" Have you ever marveled at a rose, or the intricacies of a spider's web, stared for hours at a starlit sky, or a wonderful rainbow? Have you been blessed with seeing the Northern or Southern Lights? Living in the north of Scotland I see the Northern Lights quite often and they never fail to fill me with wonder and awe. Life is the greatest gift bestowed upon us by our Creator. When I'm feeling down I am often just thankful that I am alive, what an amazing gift.
7 people died in the UK during the storms on 28/01/02. During this a conscientious pilot decided to abort a takeoff as he felt there was a danger to his passengers. Some of them complained.

It seems to me that some people moan for the sake of moaning. What if that pilot had ignored his gut instinct and there'd been an accident? As it was some people were late getting to their destination, late and alive.

What's the point...
...of firelighters that don't burn? Well sure they burn eventually but I mean you'd think that striking a match holding it to the firelighter for a few seconds would get it going, but no. I've had matches burn right to the end and the firelighter like the match, goes out! Arrgghhh Worse still are firelighters that start burning, you place coal around them and go back shortly after to find the firelighter has burned away and left the coal with hardly a singe! It's usually when it's the last couple of firelighters in the house too so then you go rummaging looking for yesterday's newspaper which you discover has been chucked out because you knew you wouldn't need it, you have firelighters afterall! This leads to much searching for old boxes (used the cornflake one last week so no use looking in there) or bits of wood you thought you'd need. Well you were right, you need them to do what the firelighters should have done.


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